Alabama Work Search Requirements

Unless otherwise instructed, you will be required to make an active search for work. You must log in to Alabama JobLink and create or update your online resume.

You must make a reasonable and active search for work through customary means for your occupation. The following guidelines will assist you in making a reasonable and active work search:

1. Apply each week with employers who hire people with your experience, training, or skills. Your contacts should include former employers if you have reason to believe that there is some chance that you may be rehired.
2. Contact employers during hours of the day and days of the week when hiring is normally done.
3. Generally, the most successful contacts are made in-person. Under certain circumstances, however, telephone calls and resumes may be acceptable, depending on the standard job seeking practices within your particular occupation.
4. Apply to the person who has authority to hire. File written applications for work whenever you have the chance.
5. Apply for work for which you are qualified, within the normal commuting distance of your place of residence.
6. Log in to Alabama JobLink, or visit an Alabama Career Center at least once a week while you are claiming unemployment benefits.

Maintain a record of all work search activities and contacts.