Arizona Work Search Requirements

Actively Seeking Work

- You must make an active and continuous effort to seek work each week you claim benefits. If you do not search for work as described below, we will disqualify you for the duration of your unemployment.

To stay eligible for benefits:

You must engage in a systematic and sustained effort to obtain work.

Your work search should include trying to find work that you are suited for by experience, education, and/or training. An adequate search for work is a sincere, consistent effort to find a job and is not just an attempt to remain eligible for benefits. You should follow-up general inquiries by making personal visits or by submitting applications and resumes.

Besides directly contacting employers, acceptable work search contacts also include:

• Registering with and contacting your union hiring or placement facility
• Registering with a placement facility of your professional organization
• Checking back with former employers who may have openings suitable for you
• Registering with a placement facility at your school, college, or university for work that may be available in your occupation or profession
• Taking a test for or applying for openings in civil service or with a government agency
• Registering for suitable work with a private employment agency or an employer's placement facility

Keep a record of all work contacts you make for each week you file for benefits. You are required to provide this information when you file your weekly claim. Keep the following information on each employer contacted:

• The date of contact
• The employer's name and address
• The name of the person you contacted or the address of the website you visited
• The method of contact
• The type of work you sought
• Action taken on the date of contact

Register with DES Employment Service - You must be registered with the Arizona Job Connection before you can collect benefits. The Department will attempt to register you based on the information you provide. If we are unable to complete your registration for any reason, a notice will be sent to you. The notice will tell you what action you must take to correct and activate your registration. Your benefits may be delayed or denied if you do not comply with the notice. For the Arizona Job Connection website, see the back cover.

Reemployment Services and Eligibility Assessment Program - When you file a new unemployment insurance claim, you must provide the following information:

• Number of years employed by your last employer
• Number of employers you worked for in the last three years

The information you provide when you file your claim will determine if you are selected for a Reemployment Services and Eligibility Assessment appointment. If you are selected, it is mandatory that you take part in the reemployment assessment appointment. We may also refer you to job assistance, testing, counseling, or other services. We will delay or deny your benefits if you fail to report for or take part in these services.

Temporary Layoff - If you are temporarily laid off, you must look for work pending recall to your former job. If your work is seasonal and you are out of work in the off-season, you must look for other work. Union Member - If you obtain work through a union, you must be registered with the union, maintain your position on the “out of work list," and meet all union requirements. We may ask you to submit proof of your union membership at any time, and we may contact your union to verify your status. If the union allows you to make a personal search, you must:

• Meet the union requirements for job referral
• Apply directly with employers who hire people with your experience, training, or skill If your union does not allow you to make a personal search, you must contact the union on at least four different days of the week.