Delaware Work Search Requirements

Your eligibility to receive benefits depends upon your showing the Division that you have made a reasonable effort to find work each week. You will be required to make at least one new work search contact each week and indicate the employer’s name, address, type of work sought, result of the contact and the date when you request your weekly benefits. While it is often necessary to return to a previously contacted employer, a new work contact must also be made on a weekly basis. If you are required to make an active work search during a week and fail to do so, you will be ineligible to receive benefits for that week.

When claiming your weekly UI benefits through TeleBenefits or WebBenefits, you will need to supply work search date information.

You are required to complete the Work Search Log each week you are receiving UI benefits. The Division will review this log periodically. Failing to complete this log could result in denial of benefits