Hawaii Work Search Requirements

Make three or more work search contacts every week. Keep a record of all your work search contacts on Form UC-253, “Record of Contacts Made for Work,” and submit when requested. Go to http://labor.hawaii.gov/ui/files/2012/12/UC-253_Record_of_Job_Contacts.pdf to download Form UC-253.

You must notify your local claims office of any changes in your availability for work such as loss of child care, going to school, taking a trip, illness, performing self-employment, etc. Changes in your availability for work may affect your eligibility to benefits.

Members in good standing of referring unions must be on the union’s out-of-work list and comply with all union reporting requirements. You must notify the local claims office if: 1) you refuse work referrals, 2) the union will not refer you to jobs, or 3) you otherwise change your union status in which you may be required to register for work with WDD (