Lousiana Work Search Requirements

. REPORTING WORK SEARCH CONTACTS You must actively look for work. To meet this requirement, you may be required to have an Eligibility Review and Re-employment Assistance Plan and you MUST contact at least three different employers about job opportunities during each week that you claim benefits. You MUST contact DIFFERENT employers each week.

You should keep a record of your work searches, including the employer’s name, address (mailing, web, or email), phone number, date of contact, person contacted, method of contact and results.

If you are a member in good standing with a recognized craft union and continue to be available to your union for referrals to jobs, you must satisfy the work search requirement by reporting to your union hall at least once each week and securing a union officer’s signed statement. If your home is more than 20 miles round trip from your union hall, you should call the union hall at least once each week. You should keep a record of the call, including the name of the person contacted, date, and time of the call.

If you are on temporary layoff from your regular employer, with a definite return date for this employer (within a six-week period), you will have satisfied the work search requirement if you hold yourself available for re-employment at your last pace of employment.


Periodically during your benefit year, you will be advised to report to your nearest Business & Career Solutions Center for an eligibility review or to participate in re-employment assistance activities. This is to ensure that you are taking steps to get another job. Failure to report as instructed can result in a denial of benefits.