Maine Work Search Requirements

To be eligible for unemployment benefits, you must be registered and active with Maine JobLink if you are living in Maine – visit If you are filing for unemployment benefits and living outside Maine, you must be registered for work with the Job Service Agency in the state in which you are residing.

The MDOL considers the following factors when looking at what kind of work search you must do:

a. Work you usually do
b. Work you have training or experience doing
c. Work you have education to do
d. The number of possible job openings in the area to which you are able and available to commute
e. The number of weeks that you file for benefits

Your local MDOL CareerCenter offers free job search help. Find your closest CareerCenter at You cannot limit your work search only to CareerCenter registration.

a. Method of Contact: You are required to seek work each week. Making personal employer contacts to complete an application is generally the most effective means of securing work.
However, sending letters and resumes by mail or online and using employment agencies can be used along with personal employer contacts.
i. You will be required to report your work search activities each week while filing your Weekly Certification.
ii. Keep a copy of emails and URL/website addresses for applications you submit online. iii. Keep a copy of any application submitted or, if applying online, take a screen shot or write the URL/website address so that you can report them each week when filing your weekly certification.
iv. You must provide verifiable contacts for each week in which a Weekly Certification for benefits is filed.
v. Verifiable contact information includes employer name and address, name and title of the individual contacted, and telephone number or web addresses (URLs).

NOTE: You must continue to seek work even when claiming partial benefits.

b. Work Search Waivers: Waivers may be given for two to six weeks and fall under one of the categories listed below. Your employer is NOT authorized to grant you a work search waiver. Only MDOL can grant a work search waiver. MDOL will look at labor and market conditions in making these determinations. Unless you have been granted a work search waiver by MDOL, you must be actively seeking work each week of filing.

i. Pending Recall: If you have been laid off due to a lack of work and you have a definite recall date within six weeks of that layoff date. Your employer must provide written verification of your recall date.
ii. New Job: If you have accepted an offer of permanent, full time, new employment (not a recall by a former employer) that will start within two weeks.
iii. In Approved Training: If you are in training that has been "approved" by the MDOL and waives your requirement to seek employment for a specific period while you are attending school or training