Nebraska Work Search Requirements

The following requirements must be met in order to remain eligible for benefits* if you live in Nebraska or an out-ofstate county bordering Nebraska:

• Make and log five work search contacts per week.
• Use, Nebraska’s reemployment website, to look for work each week. When you file weekly
claims, you will be asked whether you looked for work using NEworks. Answer “yes” if you searched for jobs, viewed job postings or applied for jobs in NEworks. Be sure you are logged into NEworks while searching for work so that all contacts are recorded in your work search log.
• Make contacts on the required number of days per week.
• Complete the required number of applications each week

How do I submit my weekly work search log?

A: You have two options for logging your work search: 1) You may log your work search contacts online at as soon as you make them, before you submit your weekly claim for benefits. Log into your account and select Work Search Log from the Unemployment Services dashboard. To get to the work search log from the home page, choose the NEworks icon.

2) You may also log your work search contacts for the previous week at the same time you claim your weekly benefits. To log work search contacts during your weekly claim, log in to and complete the weekly claim process. An option will be presented to you to log your weekly work searches.

You will not be able to log your work search contacts for the previous week after you submit your weekly claim for benefits. Your work search log is subject to ongoing audit review and a disqualification from benefits may be assessed if you fail to make and report the required weekly contacts. 219 NAC 4

How many employer contacts do I need to make each week?
A: If you live in Nebraska or an out-of-state county bordering Nebraska, you must make and log five work search contacts per week, including at least one contact per week using Work search requirements will change throughout the duration of your claim. See requirements in the chart below:

Nebraska Work Search Requirements Chart

If your claim is based on full-time earnings, your work search must be for prospective full-time employment opportunities. If your unemployment claim is based on primarily part-time employment, you are permitted to make job contacts for part-time or full-time work. NESL: 48-627(3)(e)

Exceptions: The active work search requirement for each week benefits are claimed may be waived if you are on a temporary layoff with a definite return to work date, attached to certain industries, are a member in good standing with a union hiring hall, or are in a TRADE or Approved Training program. 219 NAC 4; 219 NAC 2(003)(B)


  • You can choose to get payment by debit card or set up a direct deposit.