New Hampshire Work Search Requirements

To be eligible to collect unemployment benefits, you must be making an effective search for work and documenting your work search efforts each week.

For an Effective Search for Work, it is recommended that you:

1. Look for work you are able to do.
2. Look for work you know is available during the time of year you are unemployed. Looking for landscaping or construction work during the dead of winter is not effective.
3. Use a variety of methods to look for work. Using only one method, such as only looking in the newspaper, is usually not effective or reasonable. Apply in person, mail or email a letter or your resume, use the internet to search for jobs, make calls to prospective employers, etc.
4. Contact new employers each week. While it is smart to follow up with previous job contacts you’ve made, relying only on follow-up with previous contacts is not effective.
5. Leave an application or resume with an employer if accepting them for future reference.
6. Bring along a complete work history to help you fill out the employer’s application.
7. Network with your family, friends, former employers, etc. Any one of these people may know of an opening that fits you.
8. Do not rule out temporary jobs. Many times these jobs become permanent and are sometimes the best way to introduce you to a company. Depending on your circumstances, you may be required to look for temporary jobs in addition to or instead of permanent jobs.
9. Research the employer prior to the interview. Know what they do or make.

Frequent Asked Questions:

Q: Should I keep a record of where I go looking for work?
A: Yes. Report your work search contacts each week when you file your weekly continued and

keep a record of them. When you are called into the office for mandatory Employment Service meetings, you will be asked to bring your records with you. Q: Is there a special form I should use to keep track of my work search contacts?
A: You do not have to use a special form, but there is one available to assist you on our website, under Forms and Publications. The direct link is:

Q: How many contacts do I need to make each week?
A: You need to do what a reasonable person would do to find work. While there is no specific number in New Hampshire law, your Local Office may assign you a number of contacts based on your experience, skills and the labor market area.

Q: What if I don’t make the number of contacts I am told to make?
A: You will be asked why you did not look for work or make the number of contacts you were instructed to make. Payment for the week may be held and you may be denied benefits for not following the direction of this department. A primary eligibility requirement is that you be making an effective search for work.

Q: Do you verify my work search contacts?
A: Yes. Work search contacts are randomly verified. The employer is contacted. Falsifying work search contacts may result in you being found overpaid for benefits received and additional penalties.

Q: If I get a new job or my previous employer calls me back to work, do I have to keep looking for other work?
A: The only time that the work search requirement is waived is if you have an offer of NEW work and the start date is within two weeks. You must notify this department in order for a waiver to be granted. If you were temporarily laid off for more than 4 weeks and will be returning to work for the same employer, you must look for work every single week during the layoff period.