Rhode Island Work Search Requirements

To receive Unemployment benefits, you MUST:

Apply for 3 full‐time jobs per week.

Tip: NetWORKri Career Centers can assist you in your search for work and visits can be included in your work search record. For locations, please visit www.networkri.org.

Keep a written record of all your weekly applications and interviews.

Each entry must include:

o Name and address of the company
o Date you applied for work
o How you applied for work: in person, mailed resume, online, etc.
o Specific position and shift you applied for

**Save all confirmation emails or documentation to prove your work search**

Simplify this process by using the work search record log.

Don’t Forget To Update Your Résumé!

One of the easiest actions you can take is to post your resume on several job sites to increase your chances of finding your next job opportunity