Virginia Work Search Requirements

Most claimants are required to make an active search for work. In addition to making an active search for work, you must register online at, the VEC or a workforce services agency where you live if you live outside of Virginia.

You are required to create a resume as part of your registration; this allows you to be referred to a job. You must contact several employers each week in your effort to find work. Note: Responses to blind ads for jobs or openings are not acceptable as job contacts. A blind ad would be any job announcement or advertisement where the name of the employer/company is not provided. You must provide the name of the employer/company for any work search contact that you report on your weekly claim filing to the Virginia Employment Commission.

You must maintain complete and accurate records of your work search contacts for one year for auditing purposes. You must provide the VEC, when requested, the following information that is subject to verification:

  • Month, day, year of contact;
  • Complete name of employer contacted;
  • Complete address (street, P.O. Box number, city, state, zip code) of employer contacted;
  • First and last name of the individual for the employer/company with whom you talked;
  • Telephone number of the employer; fax number; and e-mail or web address;
  • Type of work or position for which you applied; and
  • Result of contact.

Failure to provide requested information may result in a denial of benefits and could result in overpaid benefits that you must repay to the Commission. Reported work search contacts are randomly verified and if it is found you falsely reported contacts in order to obtain benefits, you will be subject to a 52 week ineligibility period and a penalty of 15 percent on top of any benefits determined overpaid.