Vermont Work Search Requirements

Unless you have a definite return to work date occurring within 10 weeks of opening a new or additional claim with a specific employer and/or have been excused by the Department from conducting an active work search, you are REQUIRED to make and report at least three (3) job contacts for each week you file a weekly claim certification. You must be realistic in your search for work. To assist you in your work search efforts, you will be required to register with the Vermont Job Link if you have not already registered. You can register by going to: Make sure that you apply for jobs you are qualified to do and are willing to accept. The longer you are unemployed, the more intensive and expansive your work searches should become. Applying for the same job more than once within a five week period does not count as a valid contact. The Department will be conducting random checks of job contacts. If you do not make contacts as required, you will be liable to repay benefits improperly paid.

A valid job contact depends on the type of work you are qualified to perform. Submission of a job application for a vacant position is a valid contact. Submission of a resume would only be acceptable IF you work in a “professional” trade or occupation. Applying in person would be a valid contact for “non-professional” trades, such as work in the construction trade. Telephone calls are NOT an acceptable method of contact. Seeking employment by “surfing” the Internet for available jobs or by posting your resume at an employment website, including Vermont JobLink, is not a valid job contact, unless you have actually applied for a job with a specific employer. In these instances, you should print and keep any confirmation you receive indicating your application has been submitted. If the employer instructs you to apply online or an in-store kiosk, the contact is only valid if you have applied in that manner.

You are also REQUIRED to keep accurate records of your job contacts. Work search forms are provided in the back of the handbook to assist you in keeping track of your contacts. If you do not use these forms, you are required to keep records containing all of the information outlined on our work search form (Date of contact; Employer name; Employer address; Person contacted; Phone number; E-mail if applicable; Position applied for; Method of contact; and Results of the contact). Please be sure to keep copies of confirmation pages and or e-mail records for online and e-mail work search efforts.

As indicated previously, work search efforts WILL BE MONITORED. If you are asked to submit information to the Department, we suggest visiting a Career Resource Center. The Center can mail or fax your information free of charge. Keep copies for yourself of any information that is submitted to the Department. If you have not met the requirements, you may be found in overpayment for any weeks you did not comply with the directives and may be required to repay benefits.

You may be selected to participate in Reemployment Services provided by a Career Resource Center. Failure to participate may result in a denial and/or overpayment of benefits, which you could be liable to repay. Additionally, in order to receive certain unemployment benefits, you may be required by the Department to attend an orientation session at a Career Resource Center, as well as enter your work search contacts weekly through an online Web application. Specific instructions detailing how to file online can be found on the Department's website at or by visiting a local Career Resource Center.

If the Vermont Division of Vocational Rehabilitation is helping you conduct a work search, your counselor may submit a letter to the Department to request waiver of the unemployment work search requirements under the regular unemployment insurance program. This does not, however, waive the requirement to be able and available for work