Wisconsin Work Search Requirements

You must perform at least four work search actions each week, unless the department notifies you that your work search is waived.

You must document your work search actions for each week you claim benefits, having enough detail to allow for verification by the department. The department may request acceptable proof of your work search actions at any time. Keep acceptable proof of your work search actions for 52 weeks.

Examples of Valid Work Search Actions and Acceptable Proof (list is not all-inclusive)

Mandatory JCW registration/participating in mandatory re-employment services.
UI confirms with JCW. Keep copy of email confirmation.

Submitting résumé or application IN PERSON to employer that has openings/is taking applications.
Document the details (date, name and phone number of employer, name and title of contact).

Submitting résumé or application ONLINE to employer that has openings/is taking applications.
Copy of email confirming résumé or application received. Note: This is needed even if submitting application or résumé through JCW.

Applying for civil service position on wisc.jobs.
Copy of email confirming résumé or application received.

Non-mandatory re-employment services (training supplied by the Job Center of Wisconsin to help you get a job, but not a required activity).
Document activity, location (in person or online), and date of participation.

Registering with placement facility, temporary help agency, or head hunter.
First time registration with each facility/agency only. Electronic or paper copy of registration form or copy of email confirming registration.

Posting résumé on employment website (e.g. Indeed.com, CareerBuilder.com).
First time posting with each website only. Copy of email confirming receipt of résumé.

Meeting with a career counselor.
Document details (date, name and phone number of career counselor).

Participating in job interview.
Document details (date, name and phone number of the employer, name and title of contact).

Participating in professional work-related networking group/event.
Keep registration confirmation, ticket, or name badge showing name and date of event

. Creating a personal user profile on professional networking site (e.g. LinkedIn.com, MyOpportunity.com).
Screenshot of the profile which could be verified by the state agency.

Using online career tools such as job match advisors, other national job boards, or mySkills myFuture.
Screenshot of the results from tools used.

Examples of Invalid Work Search Actions (list is not all-inclusive)

Viewing job leads (but not applying).
Contacting employer to learn that no openings exist/applications are not being taken.
Submitting application to same employer within 4-week period (unless a new job becomes available/posted).
Subsequent/duplicate posting of résumés on job search websites (unless part of application for specific job).
Submitting application for work that is not reasonable considering your training, experience, duration of unemployment, and availability of jobs in your labor market.

To document your work search actions throughout the week for the current week, use the online Weekly Work Search Entry Form:

Go to your dashboard
Choose "Unemployment Services"
Choose "Enter Work Search Activity"
Even if you use the Weekly Work Search Entry Form, you need to file your weekly claim. The work search actions you enter for the week will be stored by the department and automatically transferred into the online weekly claim certification.

If you do not use the Weekly Work Search Entry Form, you will need to enter your weekly work search actions when you file your weekly claim online. When you file online the department keeps copies of the work search actions. To file online, go to https://my.unemployment.wisconsin.gov.

You are responsible for providing acceptable proof of your work search actions upon request.

If you are unable to use online services, have your work search actions ready to supply to the claims specialist helping you with your claim.

Falsely reporting any information on your work search record may be an act of concealment. (See Part 7: Fraud and Quality Control.)

Registration for Work

If you are required to perform a weekly work search or if you work less than full-time (32 hours or more per week) you must register for work (which includes completing a résumé) with Wisconsin Job Service online at https://JobCenterofWisconsin.com/ui within 14 days of the date you completed your application for unemployment benefits.

If you fail to register by the deadline provided, you will not be eligible for benefits for any week prior to the date you registered. If you have questions or feel you should be waived from the requirement, contact a claims specialist.

If you have previously registered, you must logon to https://JobCenterofWisconsin.com/ui to verify that your registration and résumé have not expired.

If you are applying for Wisconsin unemployment benefits from another state and Wisconsin tells you to register for work or report in person, you should go to the public employment office nearest your home.

Re-employment Services

Help in Finding Employment

For re-employment services logon to https://JobCenterofWisconsin.com or contact your nearest Job Center. To locate the nearest Job Center call toll-free (888) 258-9966 or search online at https://JobCenterofWisconsin.com/directory. If you reside in another state contact the nearest public employment office.

Re-employment Programs

If you are registered with Wisconsin Job Service, are required to seek work, and reside in Wisconsin or a border ZIP code, you are required to complete an online orientation and assessment. When you complete the orientation and assessment, you will be notified whether you have additional requirements to participate in re-employment services. Participation in re-employment services is intended to help you return to work faster.

If you fail to participate in the re-employment services, you may lose benefits. If you cannot participate within the deadline given, contact the Job Center immediately to reschedule.

Participation in any of these mandatory re-employment services will satisfy your work search for the week in which you participate. However, attending other employment workshops on your own can only be considered one work search contact, even if the workshop is conducted by a Job Center.