Kentucky Work Search Requirements

Work Search Requirements While Claiming Unemployment Insurance Benefits

By law (KRS 341.350(2), “an unemployed worker must be registered for work with respect to such week in accordance with regulations prescribed by the secretary”. In addition subsection (4) states: be available for suitable full-time work and making such reasonable effort to obtain work as might be expected of a prudent person under like circumstances” while claiming UI benefits.

To satisfy this requirement, you must:

be able and available to work
register for work with the Office of Employment and Training (OET) and complete full registration (Focus Career) according to the state rules and regulations. To achieve full registration you must include:
Minimum of last three employers (if applicable) or,
10 years of work experience (if applicable), and
All required fields in each section must be completed in work registration (Focus Career).
respond in a timely manner when OET contacts you about job openings,
accept referrals from OET to suitable employment,
report for job interviews to which referred,
report for follow-up contacts with OET as instructed,
participate in other reemployment services and case management to which you are referred,
seek employment on your own, and
accept suitable employment when offered

**Failure to meet the above requirements may result in you being disqualified from receiving benefits**

While you are receiving unemployment benefits, it is your responsibility to find suitable, full-time work. Claimants must not rely solely on OET or any single job lead source to get a job. While claiming UI benefits you will be required occasionally to report to OET to discuss your work search efforts. OET will want to know what employers you have contacted, when you contacted them, who you contacted at each location, and the results of those contacts. A space is provided at the end of this booklet to keep a record of your work search efforts.

You must detail your work search efforts when you complete your online eligibility review.

UI claimants are allowed a reasonable period of time to find work that is comparable in pay and skill level to their most recent employment. However, if a claimant is unable to find such work after a period of time or that type of work is not available in the local labor market, the claimant must lower expectations and seek employment that pays less or is at a lower skill level than previous employment.