Wyoming Work Search Requirements

To be eligible for benefits, you must make a continued and organized effort to look for work as an employee with an employer. You must contact at least two (2) different employers each week. Seeking or performing work for self-employment is not an acceptable work search contact for unemployment purposes. If you work a part-time job in an employer-employee relationship during a week, that employer can be used as one (1) of your two (2) work search contacts for that week. However, you must continue to seek full-time employment. You will be required to provide two (2) work search contacts when you file your Continued Claim for benefits. Keep a list of these efforts. We may request written proof at any time during your claim. For every job contact, you must keep an accurate record of:

• Date of employer contact, including the month, day, and year of each contact;
• Name of employer/company contacted;
• The method by which you contacted the employer( to be an acceptable online contact, you must submit an application, resume, or e-mail to the company);
• The name of the person you contacted and a telephone number, mailing address, or an email address and other reliable contact information for the employer;
• The type of work you were seeking;
• The outcome of the contact; and whether or not you submitted an application or resume to the employer

Even if you are no longer filing for benefits, we may conduct an audit of your claim and request your work search log. If you are unable to or fail to produce the log with all the requirements, you may not be eligible for benefits. If you were previously paid for these weeks, you will be required to pay back any overpayments