Michigan Work Search Requirements

You are required to actively search for work every week you receive unemployment benefits. This includes making at least two job contacts each week and keeping a record of your searches. You must inform UIA of your work search and provide proof of your work search if audited.

Reporting Your Work Search

• Your work search is due every four weeks.
• Work search contacts can be entered at the time of bi-weekly certification in MiWAM.
• You can submit your work search online at www. michigan.gov, by fax to 1 -517-636-0427, by mail, using Form UIA 1583, Record of Work Search, or in an alternative format (e.g. excel spread sheet, or hand written on paper), to Unemployment Insurance Agency, P.O. Box 169, Grand Rapids, Ml 49501-0169, or drop it off in person at any UIA Local Office. Form UIA 1583 is provided in the back of this booklet.
• When submitting your work search, include your name and Social Security Number on each page.

The following are not considered weekly work contacts:

• Checking back with a temporary agency for more work.
• Using your current part-time employer as a work contact.
• Seeking or working in self-employment. Work search details must be received by the Unemployment Insurance Agency no later than the end of the fourth week from the "First Week Ending Date" that you listed on the form. To make the process easier, submit your work search with your bi-weekly certification.

Reporting Your Work Search When You Return to Work

If you certify for the "First Week Ending Date" and return to work, the work search must be submitted within four weeks of the "First Week Ending Date" in order for it to be on time. You do not have to wait four weeks to submit this form, however, you can not mail your work search before the first week.

It is important to submit your work search for the weeks you were laid off even after you returned to work.


Your work search is subject to audit and verification. Keep a detailed copy for your records in case you are selected for an audit. UIA may verify your work search at any time.

Failing to submit timely and accurate work search forms may prevent payment of your Ul benefits.

After collecting 50 percent of your entitled weeks, you must apply for and accept any work that is suitable (see Fact Sheet #145, What is Suitable Workon the UIA website).

It is important to keep your address up-to-date with UIA, so we can contact you if there is a question about your payment.

Michigan Works! Agency Service Centers

Visit your local Michigan Works! Agency (MWA) Service Center to create or update your resume, sharpen your interview skills and more. Go to www.michiganworks. org or call 1 -800-285-WORK (9675) for the service center nearest you. You may also be selected to participate in individualized Reemployment Services to help you become employed again. Reemployment services may include:

• Job search assistance
• Individualized assessment
• Job placement services
• Job search workshops
• Counseling
• Job clubs
• Skills or aptitude testing
• Resume writing assistance

If you are selected and fail to participate, your eligibility may be affected.


Temporary Layoff

When you filed your new claim or reopened your claim, you were asked about your return-to-work-date. If you are expected to return to full-time work with your employer within 45 days from your claim file or reopened date, your employer can request that you be waived from the work registration and work search requirements. Review your Monetary Determination to see if you have received a waiver. A waiver will also show you the date you must register by if you do not return to work as originally expected.

If you are on a temporary layoff from a full-time job (between 45 and 120 days from your last day worked), you may not have to register for work with MWA to receive unemployment benefits, however, you may be required to seek work (seepage 6, Work Search in this booklet for additional information). Review your Monetary Determination for instructions and find out if this waiver applies. In these circumstances, you are still required to actively look for work.

Union Halls

If you get your job assignment through a union hiring hall, you do not have to register for work. If you seek work only through a union hall, you must follow union hiring hall procedures for checking in for work. You must submit Form UIA 1583, indicating you are seeking work through a union hiring hall for each week.