Utah Work Search Requirements

A primary component of your re-employment plan will be to contact employers. Unless a Workforce Services representative instructs otherwise, you are required to make a good faith effort to seek full-time work each week that you claim unemployment benefits, even if you are employed part-time or attend school.

You should make at least four new full-time job contacts each week. A job contact means a reasonable contact or action where a clear path to reemployment can be demonstrated, such as:

A new contact means contacting an employer you have not contacted before, or contacting a previously contacted employer on a newly listed job opening. You are required to keep a detailed record of your work search activities, and will be required to provide this information during your weekly filing You may also be selected at any time for an audit or eligibility review during which you will be asked to provide this information.

Your record of employer contacts should include the following:
  • Date of contact
  • Name of company or other identifying information, such as job reference number
  • Company address, phone number, email, web link, or person contacted
  • Position title
  • Method of contact
  • Results of contact

It is important for you to be able to show you are taking proactive steps to obtain full time employment by reaching out and contacting new employers. Failure to provide this information may result in a denial of benefits, delayed payment or possible overpayments and penalties.(See Fraud and Penalties)

Your efforts must reflect a genuine desire to obtain employment immediately.