Oklahoma Work Search Requirements

You received specific work search instructions at the time you filed your unemployment claim and are required to keep a record of the contacts on a form in the back of this booklet. You must be involved in a minimum of two activities per week (including work search contacts) in attempting to secure employment.

 Work search contacts must be made within the week for which benefits are being claimed.

 You must contact a minimum of two different employers each week to meet the minimum work search requirement.

 In-person and telephone contacts should be made with an individual in the company who has hiring authority.

 Contacts should be for work you are willing and qualified to do, pay that you are willing to accept, and in the area that you are willing to work.

 Contacts cannot be repeated with the same employer until four weeks have passed. The same contact should not be listed on consecutive weeks except for agencies that offer multiple placement services. All work search contacts are subject to verification. Failure to make the required number of work searches each week could result in a denial in benefits and possible overpayment.

Your claim may be selected for an audit. It is your responsibility to retain your booklet with this information for two years.

Union members that have a hiring hall must contact the hiring hall each week. If you do not have a hiring hall, you must make the required number of work searches each week.